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The WordPress REST API Version 2 is brand new in the developer world which means that the documentation is extremely limited. Hopefully this can help a little for others trying to debug problems like this.

Posting comments to WordPress via the REST API Version 2 is actually relatively straight forward once you figure out how to do this. For those looking for a quick solution, using POST on the following URL will do just that, post a comment on this blog post you are reading right now.


Now for a few comments on the technical aspects to understand how this works.

Read the WordPress API documentation under the Create a Comment heading. As you will see, the documentation is minimal to say the least. It’s something the WordPress Core team are working on, so stick with it.

Essentially though, there are various query string parameters you can append to the request to send data into WordPress as a comment. It’s important to note that this is a POST request not a GET request. GET requests on this URL will not work. You need to use a tool such as Advanced REST client which allows you to POST data to API URLs which is extremely handy.

You will no doubt have debugging to do when you are first testing this as nothing ever goes to plan. Make sure you have comments turned on at the global WordPress level under the Settings > Discussions tab and also make sure that you have comments turned on for individual posts as sometimes these have been disabled. It’s always best to show these on your website too.

As with anything comment related with WordPress, make sure you are using the Akismet plugin to block any spam as this is a real nightmare on WordPress without Akismet.

There are lots of extremely useful uses for using this, we’ve been recently using this to post comments from a mobile app into WordPress which is used as a comment moderation system which means we don’t have to go and build that side of the functionality.

Make sure you are escaping the content which is included in the query string too and keep an eye out for any rogue spaces or special characters which may be breaking your POST request if this hasn’t worked. The usual things to check which you often miss J

When you successfully post a comment, you will see this waiting in your comment queue;

Comments Posted Through the WordPress API Version 2 Awaiting Moderation


Then when you approve the comment you will see this displays correctly on your website as you would expect;


Approved Comment Posted Through the WordPress API Version 2


Have a go yourself. Customise the above URL with your own details and comments within the parameters and I’ll publish any successful comments. This handy URI Encoder / Decoder tool may come in useful when writing a comment or your name if it includes spaces or special characters, something I haven’t got around to migrating over to this site just yet.


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