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Hello World Examples

Technical Experts

Technical Experts in any technology/software/cloud/enterprise stack: Submit your Hello World Examples here. Full working examples that can be set up within 15 minutes (or so…), ideally via a basic copy and paste with well commented, well named variables/examples/scripts that help a noob go from zero to hero in 15 minutes without having the background you do. Submit your content ideas directly here and it’s likely they will be published:

The idea being – If I can’t get your Hello World example working in ~15 minutes, then it isn’t going to get published. If I can, then I’ll probably publish it. (Naturally, happy to chat through feedback loops until you can create a basic Hello World step by step guide that is fit for purpose).

So we’re talking;

  • Basic conceptual diagram – Use – it’s awesome, and open source
  • Get into the details
  • Get into the step by step examples – assume nothing, no IDEs, no dependency management systems, just absolute basic building blocks to get a basic Hello World Example working in no time
  • Assume the reader knows nothing but wants to have a play and build a Proof of Concept
  • Don’t use TLAs….. Three Letter Acronyms. No-one has got time to be trying to figure out what you are talking about. Call a spade a spade.
  • Explain things like an idiot (like me!) can understand
  • Think in WWWWWH – Who – Where – What – When – Why – How. Craft your content accordingly.


We created this section to help you get up to speed without having to trawl the internet that is full of half baked crappy code samples provided by supposed experts that only gives you half the info you need and is full of assumptions that just leads to more confusion. Everyone is both an expert and a noob at something, nothing is linear – in fact within the world of software engineering things are ever more connected and you can be the top of your game in one tool, yet feel like an absolute idiot in another tool because the documentation is so abysmal online and/or the community supporting that technology isn’t anywhere near as developed as it needs to be. There is no such thing as a dumb question, despite what mainstream Software Engineering Q&A Sites like to think (*cough* *cough* I’m looking at you SO).

If you have a topic that you want a Hello World Example creating for, then please do email through to and we’ll reach out to our audience and try our very best to get someone to provide a full and working example for you to help you get started with any technology you are working with.

Hello World Examples

Current Hello World Examples that have been submitted and published. We’re tracking these as Blog Posts so that people can easily comment on the topics and feed back accordingly to the content authors. Stay tuned as we welcome more guest submissions for practical working solutions for technical challenges.

{Examples to follow as submissions continue…..}

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