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Case Studies & Recommendations

‘They’ always say that the proof is in the pudding so here we talk through a few of our success stories. This is just a small selection of the results we have achieved for our clients. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, we aren’t always able to share everything, but hopefully this will give you a flavour of how we work and the results we have achieved. Suffice to say that many of the large percentage increase figures shown below are from / to traffic levels in the 6-7 figures to put give you a guide on the amount of increase we’re talking about here. These figures aren’t a 200% increase on websites getting only 100 visits per month.

St Modwen Evolution Park

St Modwen Evolution Park Logo

Time savings of 2 months per year through implementation of a web based system

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The Paper Cup Company

The Paper Cup Company Logo

Identified opportunity to increase organic traffic by 14%

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Cartridge Monkey

Cartridge Monkey Logo

Non-brand organic traffic growth of +39% and revenue growth of +102%

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MEND Muslim Engagement & Development

Apple iOS Mobile App, Significant Web Server Upgrade & Migration, IMAP to Exchange Migration with 250,000 Emails & more

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Namu Travel Group

“Our sites are ranking higher in Google than before we did the work”

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Holker IT

449% increase in conversions

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94% increase in organic traffic

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Superfast Lancashire

Superfast Lancashire BT Logo

55% of businesses increased sales in the region

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Toner Giant

Toner Giant Logo

Non-brand organic traffic growth of +82% and revenue growth of +36%

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Achieve Safety

Following the introduction of ecommerce functionality on our website, the sales process immediately became easier.

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Tendo Jobs

Tech Startup designed to revolutionise the recruitment industry. Linking employers directly with job hunters with sophisticated technology.

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We aren’t just good at what we do, we’re awesome at what we do. We come highly recommended and so do our team of digital experts.