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The Paper Cup Company’s two main websites include The Paper Cup Company and The Printed Cup Company which focus on manufacturing paper cups and printed paper cups respectively. Based in Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley, one of their unique selling points is their ability to produce personalised and branded paper cups in batches as small as 1000 units which can be delivered in under a week.

Launching in 2005, The Paper Cup Company has fast become the UK’s leading printer paper cup manufacturer that now operates throughout Europe supplying branded paper cups to brands including Google, Facebook, YouTube, BWM, HSBC, Hertz and Nikon to name just a few.

The Paper Cup Company Manufacturing Process

The Paper Cup Company Manufacturing Process


The overall objectives for The Paper Cup Company varied from Search Engine Optimisation work, to Pay per Click to Google Analytics. Overall the aim was to help drive additional traffic to the website and to ensure these visitors were being tracked correctly.

Search Engine Optimisation
Identify opportunities to increase enquiries through the website from organic search

Pay per Click
Review AdWords account & recommend changes to reduce the cost per acquisition

Review Google Analytics setup to ensure goals are tracked accurately



Search Engine Optimisation

As part of the Search Engine Optimisation work the website was reviewed to see where improvements could be made to help increase organic traffic. Keyword research was completed to identify the most popular keywords customers were searching for online. Based on this research, changes were made on the website so that the current pages were targeting the keywords customers were searching for.

As part of this work, new opportunities were also identified which led to new pages being created to target additional keywords that customers were searching for. In addition to this, content was restructured to avoid internal pages competing for the same keywords and to improve the relevancy of the pages.

The keyword research identified a potential 14% increase for non-brand organic traffic to the website.


Pay per Click

As part of the Pay per Click work, the Google AdWords account was reviewed to see where improvements could be made to reduce the Cost per Acquisition, so increasing the number of enquiries while reducing the cost to generate those enquiries.

Initial review identified Ad Groups competing against each other where one Ad Group had a far higher Cost per Acquisition than the other. As such, budgets were re-distributed towards the more profitable Ad Group to help generate more enquiries for the same money being spent.

In addition, the old campaigns were unfocused and targeting multiple countries throughout Europe, yet generating very little results. As such, steps were taken to re-focus the campaign towards the UK as this was more profitable. Once the UK campaign was generating enquiries at a good Cost per Acquisition, this could then be scaled up to target additional countries.

After the quick wins had been identified, the next step was to restructure the AdWords account so that accurate reporting was possible. Once this was in place, this enabled us to identify clear steps that could be taken to continually improve the AdWords account over time by reducing the Cost per Acquisition.



The Google Analytics goal tracking setup was reviewed and changes made to ensure website visitors were being tracked correctly. This included adding new goals along with funnels, which provided additional data to highlight how far customers were getting through the enquiry process. In addition, this also highlighted where visitors left the enquiry process and what pages they viewed instead.

Site Search was also set up within Google Analytics which provided valuable customer insight into how they were behaving on the website. Based on this information, it is now possible to see what addition content customers are looking for on the website and also helps identify opportunities for where improvements can be made.



Here’s what The Paper Cup Company has to say about us;

Mark Woodward - The Paper Cup Company Managing DirectorContrado Digital have made a mission out of moving The Paper Cup Company to the next level, no stone has been left unturned, and I can whole heartedly recommend Contrado Digital to maximise your web real estate to the world.


Mark Woodward – Managing Director

Victoria Lotha - The Paper Cup Company Marketing CoordinatorMichael greatly helped the company as he made changes which have already started taking effect and he also provided me with training and expert advice tailored to The Paper Cup Company. I would recommend Contrado Digital to anyone wanting to grow their business online and increase sales!


Victoria Lotha – Marketing Coordinator

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