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Yes I can 🙂 But not for free, sorry. I’ll help in any way I possibly can or point you in the direction of someone who can help, but my time is extremely limited. Paying clients always receive priority. I’ll aim to help on blog post comments where possible on some of the technical posts that I write, but I can’t debug your project for you for free.

Rates for regular work are in the region of £550 – £750 per day + VAT.
Rates for hourly work are in the region of £70 – £100 per hour + VAT.

You’ll get a cheaper rate if;

  • I like the cut of your jib, life is too short to be working with people I don’t like
  • Your business or project is exciting, life is too short for boring work
  • You require regular work, so I can truly add value to your organisation or project
  • You pay up front, putting your money where your mouth is
  • You ask for help/advice, and listen

You’ll be charged more if;

  • None of the above apply
  • You expect the moon on a stick for 50p & a Mars bar
  • You are a pain to work with (digital is a small world, word gets around what you are like to deal with…; you change your mind on everything after things have been decided; you are slow at paying invoices; you get the drift…)
  • You ask for help/advice, and ignore it – I don’t like wasting my breath

I’ll happily talk with anyone about any project and I’ll also be brutally honest – so let’s open up the discussion. People who I choose to work with receive excellent results which are delivered to an extremely high standard at all times.

You pay peanuts, you get monkeys. And I’m not a monkey, so please don’t waste my time…

And no, I’ll not work for….(real requests….);

  • Whiskey
  • To build my portfolio
  • The exposure

Until the above items become a currency that can be traded in the general economy, standard currencies will have to suffice for an exchange of value. Good old pounds and pence, along with major stable international currencies.