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Beware of the latest phishing email scam that is going around imitating a PayPal policy update. While PayPal often do send out similar emails, their terms and conditions are written as such that any updates are accepted by default so you never have to accept any new terms and conditions they announce.

The email;

Phishing Email Appearing to be from PayPal


While this email looks genuine on quick glance, when you hover over the links, you notice that they do not go to or, instead they go elsewhere to a phishing website. Thankfully if you did click the link in the email accidentally, if you are using a modern web browser, you are alerted to this attack;

Google Chrome Security Warning


Another key aspect to notice in the original email is the recipient details which clearly don’t look genuine. While many aspects of this data can be easily faked, when the scammer hasn’t bothered to fake this data, it is easy to spot these kind of attacks;

Email Recipients for PayPal Phishing Email


As always, never click on suspicious links in emails and instead visit the website directly where you will find a notification if this is a genuine email.

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Michael Cropper

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