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With all the recent Panda issues that Google has caused throughout 2011, they have recently announced a new tag that will help websites recover from a Panda penalty when they believe they have been incorrectly punished (aka Pandalised)

All you need to do to implement this ‘quick fix’ is to add the following meta tag to your website across all pages that have been impacted, between the <head> and </head> tags within your HTML. The next time Google crawls your website and can see the ‘no Panda penalty’ meta tag it will update its index accordingly and you should begin to see your rankings improve again.


<meta name=”panda” content=”no-penalty”/>


Here is what happened when I introduced this onto a site I have been working on. Sorry I cannot provide the website URL, so you will have to take my word for it. :-)



Wow! A full recovery from a simply one line change in the code.

Well if you have got this far reading the post, let me just add a small disclaimer. This post is a JOKE, so don’t go running to your developers asking them to implement this!

There have been a lot of stupid posts around the web recently about how websites have recovered from Panda by making silly little changes.  Upon further looking at these they turn out to either be nothing valid since the site returned at another Panda update (ie, it was a tweak in the algorithm that caused the positive change opposed to any work they have done), or they won’t provide details about the website in question and the specific details/data behind their claim.

Sorry if I got your hopes up here about the ‘quick fix’ for Panda, but the reality is that to get your rankings back then you need significantly better content throughout your website. Check out the recent epic blog post I did about how to recover from Google Panda for some real advice.


4 thoughts on “Google Introduces No Panda Penalty Meta Tag”

    1. …… ????

      Panda is an iterative update, so maybe you just need to wait until the next iteration ????

      < / joke >

      (sorry, I just have to keep saying that this meta tag is a joke as I know there will be someone, somewhere, who will actually try to implement this thinking it will fix issues – hell, I have seen enough other crazy ideas around the subject, people will try anything!)

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