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Social media data on followers, likes, comments, and shares are often dismissed as “vanity” metrics—meaningless figures that one should avoid when trying to prove the value of social activity.

At the same time, these metrics are the currency of social media. As the person responsible for your organization’s presence on social media, these metrics are critical indicators of whether your hard work is paying off.

And therein lies the debate. To some, the number of likes on a post is meaningless. To others, it means everything.

Are all social metrics “vanity” metrics by default? No. But how you use them makes …Read More

Source:: Do Vanity Metrics Matter on Social Media? Yes (And No)

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Michael Cropper

Founder & Managing Director at Contrado Digital Ltd
Michael founded Contrado Digital in 2013. He has experience working with national and multi-national brands in a wide range of industries, helping them achieve awesome results. Michael regularly speaks at local universities and industry events while keeping up with the latest trends in the digital industry.