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Blogging is a core part of any digital marketing strategy which is why we talk about this on a regular basis to businesses. We’ve already produced a Really Simple Guide to Blogging, so have a read of that resource once you have finished reading this blog post.

We get asked a lot about how important is blogging, really? Well I thought it was worth putting a few numbers behind this to put this into perspective about why we talk about this so much;


Percentage of Website Traffic from Blogging


As you can see from the data above from our own website, when looking at the Blog and Resource pages which drive traffic to the website, this accounts for almost 40% of website traffic. Now to put this into perspective, imagine if you currently aren’t blogging on a regular basis. You are missing out on an enormous amount of traffic to your website. Assuming you aren’t blogging, by starting blogging based on these figures you could grow traffic to your website by almost 70%, imagine a 70% growth in traffic to your website. Pretty awesome, right?

Sure, things are a little more complex than this in the real world and for ecommerce websites this split is likely to be significantly different, but hopefully this gives you a few figures to highlight the importance of blogging. Get in touch if you would like to talk to us about how blogging can help boost your digital strategy.

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Michael Cropper

Founder & Managing Director at Contrado Digital Ltd
Michael founded Contrado Digital in 2013. He has experience working with national and multi-national brands in a wide range of industries, helping them achieve awesome results. Michael regularly speaks at local universities and industry events while keeping up with the latest trends in the digital industry.