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Most companies are afraid about their weak points in both their customer service and product offerings. Gaps are not anything to be afraid of but more areas for improvement.

If you know about problems with your product, then I guarantee that your customers will also find these problems too. So instead of hiding away, sticking your head in the sand and pretending they don’t exist then why not help your customers instead?

I own a Dyson DC25 vacuum cleaner and recently it got jammed in the downwards position (the position what it looks like when you are hoovering – see image below) so I couldn’t get it back to the normal upright position to store it away. A little annoying.



So I thought that there must be a solution to this somewhere online. There is always someone else who has had the same problem before any managed to fix it. I didn’t really want to be calling out a Dyson engineer to tap it in the right place and charge me a hefty fee for doing so.

After having a good look round on their website, I came across a hugesupport section which contains videos about how to fix known problems with their products. There was a very useful video that anyone could follow to fix their jammed Dyson DC25.


The one thing that could be improved with Dyson’s videos is to include a voice overlay describing each step of the way which would be very useful for people not as confident at fixing problems. In addition, for those who can’t view the videos then a step by step instruction manual including text and images would be useful beneath the video.

This type of content is great for users of your products and subsequently great for SEO. Ask yourself the quest, what additional content could you provide to your customers to help solve their problems?

It is great to put this type of content in a very prominent position on the site since if I was looking to buy a product which is known for various faults (i.e. Dyson hoovers) then seeing all of this support material would give me confidence that if something did go wrong then I would be able to fix it myself. This information may put some people off from purchasing your product, but I am a big believer of providing easily accessible content and letting the customer make an informed decision.

It is extremely important to be able to be found for your product solutions when people are searching either on Google or on your site. If you cannot be found or you don’t offer the solutions to your products problems then your customers are going to stumble upon a forum post which is slating your product. Offer customers solutions and keep them as long term customers. If you are only interested in the short term sales for customers then they aren’t going to stick around with your brand, there are lots more competitors around.



Dyson could do with SEO’ing those great videos they have got so they can provide solutions to their customers problems faster. But it is a good start having the content to begin with, certainly some improvements required though.



Offer great content to solve your customers problems with your products. All companies will (or should!) be continuously improving their products, but as we all know not everything is perfect fist time round. So help your customers and keep them as loyal customers long term. If not, then they will go shopping elsewhere.

In addition, whilst looking round for the images for this post I came across a rather amusing blog post about Dyson Decepticons which has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but thought I would share to put a smile on your face :-)

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