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Website Terms of Use

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Website Term of Use document designed for business websites and sets out the terms that website visitors agree to when using the website. The Website Terms of Use document provides you with a template that can be used for many business websites.

The Website Terms of Use document has been created by qualified legal professionals. The document covers general Website Terms of Use details that apply to many business websites.



This Website Privacy Policy is designed for basic business websites that are based within the United Kingdom. The Website Privacy Policy is a template which is clearly explained and outlines where you need to fill out the key pieces of information about your specific business, company, website and any official trade bodies you are part of or regulated by.

The Website Privacy Policy document contains information including;

  • About your Business: Including official name, registration number if applicable, VAT number if applicable and any regulatory bodies that govern the business
  • Access to the Website: Outlining terms for use of the website
  • Content and Intellectual Property: Outlining details for who owns the content on your website, including information around comments posted by users if applicable
  • Using the Website: Including information about what is and isn’t acceptable when using the website
  • Contributions: Including information about how you can use website contributions such as comments from third parties
  • Reliance on Information: Including information around website content not being stated as official advice from your company
  • Liability: Including information about liabilities when people use your website
  • External Links: Including information about how users should treat external links on your website, including information around the content presented on other websites
  • Consequences of a Breach: Information about how you deal with consequences when people breach your Website Terms of Use



Contrado Digital Ltd always advises you to seek the advice of a specialist lawyer if you are in any doubt about the use of these agreements or if you wish to add any specific clauses which may be relevant to your business. Whilst drafted by lawyers, as these agreements have not been prepared specifically for your circumstances it is strongly advised that you check them with your solicitor or a lawyer we can introduce you to before using it, in order to ensure that the document suits your particular circumstances and business requirements. No liability is accepted by Contrado Digital Ltd if this procedure is not followed.


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