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Social Media Strategy

Engage with your customers and build brand loyalty

Connect with your customers through social media channels where they are already talking about your products and services. Join the conversation and engage with your audience.

Your customers are already talking about your products and services online, are you engaging with them? Social media has revolutionised the way your business can connect with your customers. We believe that engaging with your audience online should be simple and straight forward, that’s why we are a HootSuite Solutions Partner to help bring the cutting edge research, information and strategy advice to your business.

HootSuite Solution Partner

With so many social media channels to choose from, it’s no wonder that businesses get lost about which platforms to focus on and what to do when you get there. We show you which channels are most valuable to your business and create a social media strategy for your business that you can manage in house with ease.


Our process

  1. Identify goals: What are you looking to achieve from social media? If you are still unsure, then we can help guide you through this process which will feed into a clear strategy
  2. Social review: If you are already running social media campaigns we will review this so see how effective they are for working towards your goals. We will also review your competitors to see how you stack up against them.
  3. Social Strategy: Based on your business goals, current activity and competitor activity we can create a social media strategy that can be either picked up by your internal teams or by ourselves.
  4. Management: If you are looking for support managing the daily social media activities for your business then this is something we can help with.
  5. Social reporting: Social media can be a huge time waster if not managed correctly. We can help you report on the effectiveness of your social media campaigns and provide recommendations for where improvements can be made.