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Email Marketing

Build customer loyalty through effective email communications

Email marketing is about connecting with your customers on a regular basis with information and offers that they find relevant. Email is one of the most widely used pieces of technology to communicate with people.

Now it is time to nurture that relationship to turn the customer into a loyal customer. We can help you build that relationship with your customers while providing an additional revenue stream for your business.

Our process

  1. Identify goals: What are the goals for your business and how is email marketing going to support those goals? Are they purely financial, or are you aiming to build loyalty with your customers? By understanding your business goals we can create an effective plan to work towards those goals
  2. Customer insight: By understanding who your customers are, we can send targeted and relevant content to them that they are interested in. Untargeted email marketing campaigns only seeks to undermine your brand and create distance between you and your customers.
  3. Email strategy: To build customer loyalty and generate direct revenue from email marketing campaigns you must have a clear strategy about how you are going to achieve this. We plan this out to help work towards your business goals.
  4. Testing: Email marketing requires testing to see what content your customers are most interested in by tracking open rates and click through rates. This insight can help feed back into the strategy over time to refine your campaign into one that your customers love.
  5. Reporting: Reporting is a key area for email marketing so we clearly understand which areas are working and which need improvement.