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Search Engine Optimisation

Increase organic traffic and sales from search engines

At Contrado Digital our staff have huge experiences working with national and multi-national businesses to ensure their websites are optimised well for the search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation has vastly changed over the last few years, meaning that way to generate additional traffic to your website from the search engines in the long term you need to be thinking more strategically about how your website is perceived online. If you want your website to rank higher than your competitors, then your website needs to deserve to rank better by answering the searchers query better than anyone else.

Read a summary below of how each of these can help your businesses.


SEO Strategy Development

This is where all SEO campaigns begin. We go through a detailed planning process which takes into account the SEO opportunities, competitor landscape, keyword research, content gaps and social opportunities then piece together a clear strategy to help work towards your business goals.

Learn more about the process involved with our SEO Strategy Development work


Competitor Research

As part of all successful SEO strategies this involves competitor research. This part helps understand how competitive different markets are and what is required to help increase search engine rankings and traffic to your website.

Learn more about what is involved within our Competitor Research process


Technical SEO Audit

As part of a Technical SEO Audit we look through your website to identify any areas that could be improved along with recommending solutions to any technical issues that could be hindering your website from being successful in the search engines.

See here for full information about the process we go through in our Technical SEO Audit


Google Panda Recovery

Google Panda is an algorithm designed to rank lower quality websites lower and rank higher quality websites higher on Google. If your website has unfortunately been hit by the notorious Google Panda algorithm then we will help plan and implement a full recovery strategy which includes technical audits, content creation and promotional opportunities.

Read about the full process we go through as part of our Google Panda Recovery process


Infographic Creation and Promotion

Infographics are a fantastic way of presenting lots of data in a usable format which is easy to digest. During our infographic ideation sessions we brainstorm ideas that would help you communicate your message effectively. We then create the infographic in line with your brands image and promote the finalised content to relevant websites, social channels and email newsletters to help generate the maximum exposure possible.

Learn more about our Infographic Creation and Promotion process to see how this can benefit your business


Content Audit, Copywriting and Promotion

Since the launch of the Google Panda algorithm back in February 2011 content is the one area that separates the winners from the losers in the search engines. We offer a full content service which includes content audits, copywriting, illustrations and arguably the most important part which is content promotion.

Learn more about the process we go through as part of our Content Strategy Development


Outreach & Promotion

At Contrado Digital we are interested in promoting your awesome content to achieve the best links possible. We look into building strategic partnerships with relevant websites to not simply get a link from those websites but to actually work with them to get your messages out in front of their readership as well.

By working in this way this not only improves search engine rankings but also increases the referral traffic to your website and increases brand awareness.

Learn more about our Outreach & Promotion process


Mobile Website Audit

People are accessing websites via mobile devices at an exponential rate which often means that there is also a mobile version of your website. There can be some clever technical magic going on in the background to serve mobile users the mobile website instead of the main desktop website. As part of our Mobile Website Audit we review this setup and ensure it following search engines guidelines.

An incorrectly implemented mobile website can cause search engine rankings to drop due to penalties, while a mobile website which is built in a search engine friendly way ensures search engines serve the correct website to users based on different devices.

Learn more about our Mobile Website Audit process


Website Migration

A website migration can be a stressful enough time as it is, let alone with the fear of dropping off in rankings and traffic once the new website is launched. At Contrado Digital we have been through a fair few of website migration projects and have a clear process which limits the fluctuations in rankings during this time.

To maintain search engine rankings we check through everything with the new website prior to launch and leave no stone unturned. This means that if there is an error with the new website which could impact negatively on search engine rankings then we spot it before the search engines do.

Learn more about our Website Migration process which helps maintain your rankings, traffic and business


Local Search

Optimising for local search involves making sure search engines understand your website and the physical locations of your business. We help work towards this goal which can boost search engine rankings for local search queries along with driving additional traffic to you website.

In addition to improving your website for local search, we look at opportunities such as Google Places to increase brand awareness along with forming links with key business directories in your trade and local area.

Learn more about our Local Search Optimisation process


Small Business Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation should be part of an on-going digital marketing strategy, although we do realise that smaller businesses often aren’t always in a position to invest on-going in the early days but want to make sure they are getting the basics in place. We believe that your small business deserves to be found online to help your business grow. After all, the more visibility your business receives online, the more your business will grow to allow you to invest in digital marketing for the long term.

Find out more about our small business search engine optimisation packages