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Social Media Strategy

Engage with your customers through the social media platforms they are using. With new social media platforms launching almost monthly, it is essential that your brand is leading the way and engaging with your customers where they are spending their time online. Social media can be a significantly important part of the complex customer journey path to purchase which can influence their decisions about who to purchase from and who not to purchase from. We’ll work with you to create a social media strategy that is designed to grow your audience, engage with your customers and build your influence online. We generally recommend brands manage their own day-to-day social media activities while we work on the strategic side including integrating automation tools and reporting technologies

Social Media Strategies


Your customers are likely using social media platforms that you are not actively using as a brand. It is important to connect with your customers where they are most active to increase engagement


Brand and Tone of Voice

Getting your brand and tone of voice right on social media is a fine art and one that needs careful planning. Your customers will resonate with you when you speak in their language which closely ties in with your whole business. 

Business Goals

Your social media strategy needs to be aligned with your business goals and Key Performance Indicators. We’ll help you connect the dots between social media and revenue growth with integrated analytics and tracking tools. 


Content Planning

We’ll create a content strategy that is designed to resonate with your audience on social media and generates social shares, website traffic, newsletter subscriptions and ultimately sales. The right content at the right time

Marketing Opportunities

Continually trying to sell to your audience on social media is going to go down like a lead ballon which is why it is essential to choose your marketing opportunities carefully throughout the year at key purchasing moments

Build Brand Loyalty

Increasingly sophisticated customers connect with brands they love and that align with their values. Showcase your brand well on social media and you will build loyalty from your audience which will ultimately drive sales.