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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Growing traffic, sales and enquiries through your website with effective Search Engine Optimisation strategies that are designed to perform. Google is the primary search engine globally with a market share around 90% and billions of potential customers are searching online every day for products and services. We get your business found instead of your competitors with strategic Search Engine Optimisation activities. By understanding the sophisticated Google algorithms and being able to identify the key products and services your customers are searching for, we are able to optimise your website for both Google and your customers which drives traffic, sales and enquiries through your website. 

Search Engine Optimisation Strategies

Technical SEO Audits

To ensure Google can crawl your website easily and understand what products and services you are selling, a technical SEO audit will review your current website and recommend improvements to grow traffic and sales. 

Mobile Optimisation

Google actively prioritises websites that are optimised for users on mobile devices which is why we’ll review your current website and recommend improvements that will help drive more traffic and sales. 

On-Site Optimisation

There are ever changing on-site optimisation improvements that need to be made on your website to ensure that Google is more likely to drive traffic to your website over that of your competitors. 

Penalty Prevention & Removal

Should you have been working with another agency who doesn’t abide by Google’s rules, then you may well find yourself with a penalty that needs to be removed. We work on the prevention and removal of Google penalties

Local Search Optimisation

Google actively prioritises businesses based locally when they are searching for products and services online. We’ll help inform Google where your business is based so you’ll appear in local search when your customers are searching. 


Content Marketing & Optimisation

Modern SEO is all about content marketing and on-going optimisation. To truly drive traffic from interested customers your brand needs to be visible throughout the complex customer journey path to purchase

Speed Optimisation

Google prioritises websites in the search results that are fast for users both using desktop and on mobile. We’ll work with you to implement speed improvements on your website from responsive web design & Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). 


Secure Search

Security is important for users which is why Google will prioritise websites that serve content securely over HTTPS using SSL. We’ll review your current setup and recommend improvements to enhance your security. 

Rich Content Optimisation

For businesses with structured content such as articles, music, recipes, reviews and more we can optimise your content to make it easier for Google to understand. This helps to become more visible on Google which drives traffic. 

International SEO

When growing your brand internationally, it is essential to consider Google to prevent penalties and drive growth from international markets. We’ll optimise your website for international markets to generate sales. 


Panda, Pengion and Hummingbird

With new algorithms and improvements being announced from Google on a highly regularly basis, we’ll work with you to implement the latest technologies to keep you ahead of your competitors. 

SEO Tracking

Tracking keyword rankings on Google does not provide a true representation of results. As such we work with business metrics and Key Performance Indicators such as traffic, sales and enquiries to ensure we are on track. 

Results Achieved

International SEO

For one organisation we worked on a £500,000 international language translation project to localise the entire website into 5 Asian languages.

This generated over 530,000 additional organic visits to the website within the first 4 months of launching as a direct result of the work our staff completed throughout the project.  

Increase in Website Visits


Our technical SEO audit identified enormous opportunities for growth which were realised. 

Additional Website Visits

  • + £23,000 in Additional Revenue 95% 95%
  • + 94,000 in Additional Organic Traffic 90% 90%

By truly understanding the customers we were able to identify a range of additional travel destinations that customers were searching for.

This generated a large increase in organic traffic to the website which was folowed closely with a direct increase in revenue as the traffic being targeted were ready to buy.