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Paid Social

Social media platforms are very much becoming a pay-to-play model to reach your audience and grow your following. Whether that is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or the many other paid social platforms available to you as a brand. In comparison with other advertising methods, paid social is an extremely cost efficient way of reaching your potential customers and connecting with them. By creating highly targeted marketing and advertising campaigns which links directly with your social media strategy we are able to drive relevant traffic to your social media pages along with your website. 

Paid Social Strategies

Facebook Advertising

With over 1 billion people using Facebook every month on the planet, you really cannot afford to miss out on the powerful Facebook advertising platform to target your customers and connect with your audience. 

Twitter Advertising

Create highly targeted Twitter advertising campaigns to target your customers and interested audiences. Target potential customers who are currently following your competitors to grow you audience and boost sales. 

LinkedIn Advertising

For business to business marketing, LinkedIn advertising is extremely powerful, allowing you to target your advertisements towards specific companies and even job titles which helps to streamline your advertising spend.