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Email Marketing

Connect with your customers at the point when they are most likely to purchase. Share your company news with them to engage them with your brand. Email marketing done right can be a direct revenue channel for your company and a lead generation tool for your sales staff. Increasingly ecommerce shops use technology including Shopping Cart Abandonment emails and special offer emails on key marketing days throughout the year. We’ll integrate email marketing technologies throughout your organisation correctly so you can use them as an effective marketing channel to drive sales. 

Email Marketing Strategies

Company Newsletter

Your customers want to know what you are doing as a company. Customers connect with brands that resonate with causes they believe in which is why it is important to keep in touch with your customers for non-sales emails. 

Shopping Cart Abandonment

How many customers are you losing after they have added products to their cart but failed to complete their purchase? Shopping Cart Abandonment emails can significantly help to boost revenue and reduce dropoffs

Birthday Offers

Everyone loves a special birthday gift, particularly ecommerce customers. Why not send your customers a personalised offer on their birthday as a valued customer and to generate direct revenue. 

Personalised Emails

Personalised email marketing campaigns have a significantly higher open and engagement rate than blanket emails sent to everyone. Particularly for ecommerce shops where customers want to see relevant products

Segmented Campaigns

Strategically segment your email marketing campaigns by understanding your core customers groups. When you communicate with distinct audiences effectively, this boosts engagement and drives revenue

Grow Subscribers

Continually grow your email newsletter subscribers to connect with more potential customers. Ensure your ecommerce and website enquiry contacts are being automatically integrated into your email marketing platform.