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Website Security

To keep your website, business data and customer data secure we manage your website security with industry leading technologies, processes and systems. Popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento are top attack targets from cyber criminals which means you must take proactive measures to protect your website and minimise the risk of a cyber attack. We encrypt be default which means that your customer data and your login data is kept secure when you are logging into your website to make changes and manage customer information. Website security is an on-going process as new threats are identified on a near daily basis which need protecting against which is why our managed website security service will help protect your website. 

Website Security Strategies

Cloud Based Firewall

To protect your web server from attack we implement cloud based firewalls which are highly efficient at protecting against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks using sophisticated algorithms. 

This is when hundreds of thousands of requests attack your web server from around the planet which can bring take your website offline. 

Phsyical Firewall

To protect your web server from attacks from the different open ports we have sophisticated software that automatically analyses traffic and blocks suspicious traffic at the web server level to protect against brute force attacks.

Ports on your web server are like windows in your house, you have multiple windows which could be attacked which need securing.

Server Level Security Software

To protect your web server control software from attacks we use sophisticated security software to protect against a multitude of attacks. With automated reporting and protection technologies we keep you safe.

Server level software controls what you can and cannot do. Think about this like software installed on your personal computer.

Website Security Software

Popular website Content Management Systems such as WordPress and Magento are popular targets by cyber criminals which is why it is essential to proactively protect your website against common attacks. 

Website security software helps to minimise the risk of your website getting hacked through common attack methods. 


Encryption by Default

Websites running over HTTP are insecure which means that any data you send to the website and the website returns, such as login usernames and passwords can be seen by anyone listening in on the network. 

We encrypt by default to ensure your data in transit is kept secure at all times and so is that of your customer’s data too. 

Securely Segmented

Poorly configured web servers can result in your website getting hacked as a result of someone elses website getting hacked. This often happens with budget web hosting providers who don’t securely segment their hosted websites. 

We ensure all hosted websites are securely segmented which means that one hacked website does not infect another.