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Penetration Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities in your own website before the hackers do. Our ethical hackers use a variety of methods to identify where the security vulerabilities lie which could be exploited by hackers to corrupt data and take your website offline. Thankfully, we don’t actually do the bad things that cyber criminals do, instead we work with your team to ensure the vulnerabilities are patched to keep your website, web applications and web servers are as secure as they can be. 

Penetration Testing Strategies

Server Level Penetration Testing

To identify security vulnerabilities on your web server we seek to attack it like a hacker would do which allows us to identify issues that would be open to being exploited. Once we identify the security vulnerabilities we work with you to patch these vulnerabilities and put in place a plan to keep you secure. 

WordPress & Magento Pen Testing

WordPress and Magento are prime targets for cyber crinimals which is why it is essential to build websites using these technologies securely. We identify security vulnerabilities in your technology stack and work with you to patch these vulnerabilities before they are exploited by cyber criminals. 

Web Application Pen Testing

Custom built web applications are often full of security vulnerabilities which requires an in-depth code review to identify these issues. We complete code reviews to identify common securty vulnerabilities that have been added which could allow hackers to delete your entire database or access customer information.