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Email Security

Email is likely the most important method of communication throughout your company which is why it is essential to take email security seriously. With many options available for running email systems, it is essential to securely segment emails to ensure that one infected system does not infect another system within your organisation. With many common problems related to email breaches caused by emails hosted on insecure web servers, it is essential that you are using the right email system that is secure, encrypted and suitable for business use. 

Email Security Strategies

Secured in the Cloud

Cloud based email systems running on Microsoft Exchange are secured to ensure your data is keps safe, secure and is backed up to ensure that you have access should anything go wrong. Your email is a critical communicatino tool throughout your organisation. 

Enterprise Level Email Systems

Microsoft Exchange allows you to to run enterprise level email throughout your organisation without the traditional need to set up a email server on your premesis. With secure cloud based technologies you can run enterprise level secure email systems with ease. 

Administrator Privileges

As an email administrator it is essential to be able to access staff emails should the needs arise. Keeping your corporate information and trade secrets secure is essential which is why it is important that each member of staff has the right level of access they need.