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Managed Web Hosting

We take web hosting seriously which is why provide industry leading web hosting solutions for businesses like yours. We work closely with you and your business to advise on and provide the right web hosting solution that will best suit your needs. Not all web hosting is equal. In fact, in our experience, most web hosting is insecure, oversold, and quite simply not suitable for business use. This is why businesses speak to us about solutions that are suitable for their individual needs. Don’t take our word for it though, let’s look at the facts about how awesome our hosting solutions are.

To bring you leading web hosting solutions, we’ve partnered with Manchester based data centre company UKFast who run multiple data centres throughout the UK which maintains high availability for your digital services including websites and mobile applications. As part of this partnership we have a dedicated team of 9 server engineers who are part of a larger team of over 200 staff in total. This enables us to work closely with yourself and UKFast to deliver the web hosting solution that is right for your business.

Web servers are complex and are often beyond the skills and capabilities for most businesses to manage theirself which is why our managed web hosting solutions are ideal. We maintain your web hosting platform so you don’t have to which includes a wide range of activities including; Server Monitoring Technologies; Uptime Monitoring; Load Monitoring; CPU and RAM Monitoring; Process Usage Analysis; Server Response Time Monitoring; Issue Diagnosis; Security Updates; Web Server Security; Brute Force Protection Technologies; Attack Detection and Blocking; Software Configuration; Data Protection; Cloud Based Firewalls; Hardware Firewalls; Load Balancers and much more with various technologies, systems and processes running behind each of the points that we manage so you can focus on running your business. On the right solution, it is possible to manage your own web hosting yourself, although we find that most businesses prefer us to manage this for them and take away the headaches with web server management. 

Enterprise Level Web Hosting Solutions

Built for Redundancy

With every potential fail point having a minimum of 1 redundant system as a backup which will automatically switch on in the event of a failure.

Built for Speed

Running on Cisco hardware on a 10GB network with uncontended bandwidth which operates below 50% capacity to cope with large traffic spikes.

Built for Security

Fire suppression, redundant power and air con systems with temperature & humidity control, plus CCTV monitored 24/7/365 with ID entry access only.

Automated Backups

Fully automated backups to keep your files, databases and other data secure at all times running on a rolling 7 day basis and stored in a remote location. 

Uptime Guarantee

100% network uptime guarantee, meaning your website will be accessible by your customers when they need it most.

Server Monitoring

24/7 automatic server monitoring so problems are detected and fixed before you ever knew they happened by our highly qualified technicians.

100% Carbon Neutral

UK based eco-friendly data centers boasting a 100% carbon neutral setup as certified by BSI PAS 2060 to protect the planet and align with customer values. 



Solutions hosted in the data centres are compliant with ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 which is essential when hosting certain secure data and systems. 

PCI DSS Compliant

Web hosting solutions within UK based data centres are PCI DSS compliant which is essential when processing ecommerce transactions and customer data. 

Redundant Firewalls

Running industry leading Cisco ASA Firewalls which are built with redundancy in mind to keep your data safe from cyber attacks  and Denial of Service attacks

Technical Flexibility

We can host virtually anything in the data centres including WordPress, Magento, Ecommerce, Email Systems, Java, PHP, Custom Systems and much more. 


SSL Encryption by Default

Our web hosting solutions allow you to have free SSL certificates to use encryption by default for your websites & applications runnning on your server. 

Managed Web Server Options

Shared Server

For low requirements such as a brochure website or small ecommerce website we recommend our shared server which is securely segmented to protect your data.

Here your website is sharing the server resources between multiple client websites that we host who also only require minimal resources. Think about this like a hotel and you have your own private room. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

For those with growing requirements such as growing ecommerce websites and those with custom web applications that require a unique configuration, Virtual Private Servers are ideal. 

Here your website is hosted on your own part of the web server which is securely segmented and ensures that you have dedicated server resources. Think about this like a hotel and you have your own building. 

Dedicated Server

For those with high end requirements a dedicate web server is the right approach to take which gives you maximum control over your server resources and software running. 

Here your website is hosted on an extremely powerful web server that is configured to your precise requirements and hosted in UK based data centres. Think about this like a hotel and you own the hotel so you can use as you see fit.