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Digital Evolution Score Card

See how digitally evolved you are as an organisation

With so many businesses stood around with their head in the sand, not knowing where to turn for the right advice with their digital strategies, it is no wonder why poor and costly decisions are made. Below is a score card that you can judge yourself on how well evolved you are digitally as a business.

If any of the statements within the following groups below ring true, then score yourself accordingly. Be honest too! You are only fooling yourself if you judge yourself too high and I can guarantee that if we were to complete this score card after speaking with you, we would probably give you 25% – 50% less than what you have given yourself. If you aren’t sure on anything, just guess.

There are a total of 100 true/false questions in this quiz so it should only take you around 10 minutes to run through. It will be the most eye opening and best spent 10 minutes you have running your business.


Digital Evolution Score Card

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