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How to Create a Facebook Business Page and Grow your Audience

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Everything you need to know about how to create a Facebook Business Page and grow your audience. The only guide you will ever need to buy on the topic. 55 pages, over 15,000 words written by highly qualified experts who use Facebook Business Pages daily as an integral part of business growth. Use Facebook in a professional manor to grow your audience and work towards your wider business goals.

We take digital seriously at Contrado Digital which is why we have created this guide to help businesses like yours utilise Facebook in a professional manor. Years of digital marketing experience have been distilled down into this guide to shortcut your learning. A quick bit of information about Contrado Digital, we are an Official HootSuite Solution Partner, part of the trade association Manchester Digital, our staff are Google AdWords & Google Analytics Qualified and we have been shortlisted in 8 award finals over the past 12 months.



This guide on ‘How to Create a Facebook Business Page and grow your Audience’ is designed to be a crash course in how to use Facebook effectively for your business. It is very easy to spend a lot of time on social media channels every day, yet without understanding how to effectively manage your Facebook Business Page for the benefit of your business, this time is often wasted.

Once you have read through this guide and implemented the recommendations for your own business, you will find that you will be working more productively on Facebook, your Facebook Business Page will be working for your business instead of sapping your time and you will be able to track your results accurately. Tracking is at the heart of running a successful Facebook Business Page as this will enable you to tailor your messages so that your target audience engages with the content you are sharing.


Contents of this guide include


  1. About this Guide
  2. About Contrado Digital
  3. Facebook Business Pages
  4. Facebook Demographics
  5. Facebook Strategy
  6. Facebook Business Goals
  7. Creating your Facebook Business Page
  8. Building your Audience
    1. Ask your Friends
    2. Use Hashtags
    3. Email your Customers
    4. Promote on your Website
    5. Cross Promote
    6. Facebook Optimisation & SEO
  9. Content Strategy
    1. Tone of Voice and Brand Guidelines
    2. Content Sources
    3. Posting Schedule
    4. Content Visibility
  10. Tracking and Useful Tools
    1. UTM Tracking Parameters
    2. Social Media Tracking Tool
    3. Bitly
    4. Buffer
    5. HootSuite
    6. Google Analytics
    7. Process Flow
    8. Tracking Engagement
    9. Facebook Insights
    10. Return on Investment (ROI)
  11. Users and Roles
    1. Facebook Business Manager
  12. Case Studies
  13. Facebook Ads
  14. Considerations
  15. Final Checklist
  16. Further Information


The guide is 55 pages in length, containing over 15,000 words, clear step by step instructions throughout and is designed to guide you through everything you need to know about Facebook Business Pages from creating an initial page, understanding your audience and increasing fans over time.


Guarantee: There is a lot of freely available information online related to creating Facebook Business Pages, yet very little knowledge. We are confident that this guide will talk you through everything you need to get your Facebook Business Page up and running and if you aren’t 100% happy after you have read the guide then we will give you a full refund.