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User Testing

Gain a deeper insight into your customers and how they really perceive your brand

User testing follows on from conversion rate optimisation and A/B split testing which is designed to provide a much deeper understanding into your customers. User testing is a unique approach per brand depending on what insights you are looking for. User testing can take many different forms, so a strategy will be created that is individual to your business.

Remote User Testing

Remote user testing is where we recruit a group of participants that are similar demographics to your customers. We then set them a series of tasks to complete on your website and record their interactions. This then leaves us with a video diary of where users were finding the website challenging to use. This insightful feedback can be a real eye opener for brands as customers don’t always find the website as easy you use as you would think.


Eye Tracking

If you are looking for something more in-depth we can set up eye tracking so we can clearly see where customers are focusing their attention on the website. This is quite a unique approach, so a tailored approach would be taken.


User Testing Sessions

Remote user testing is a great starting point, but if you are looking for something more then we can arrange user testing where you can watch on behind a screen. This type of user testing is completed in a lab setting and allows you to get direct feedback from participants.


Get in touch to find out how to gather insightful information from your customers through user testing.