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User Feedback

Stop guessing what your customers think and ask them

We work with industry leading user feedback companies to collect valuable customer feedback from your website visitors. There is no need to guess what your customers are thinking when you can ask them directly. Insightful feedback from customers can help streamline your website and ensure all website activities are customer focused.

Identify Failures and Bottlenecks

Customers are only one click away from a competitor websites, so make sure your website isn’t causing them problems during their visit. Understanding where the failure points and bottlenecks are for your customers can help you refine the user experience which can increase sales.


Prompt Customers

Tracking customers throughout their journey on the website allows you to identify key points where customers may be having issues. This allows you to prompt customers to see if they would like any assistance during their visit. Approaching customer service and user feedback in this way helps to enhance the customer experience.


Intelligent Recommendations

Intelligently redirect customers to frequently asked questions to help with their query, or redirect them to a live chat facility if there are operatives available to talk. This intelligent approach helps you to effectively manage customer queries while reducing the cost to do so.


Understand Shopping Cart Abandonment

Find out directly from your website visitors why they abandoned their shopping cart without purchasing. This valuable insight can provide actionable insights into areas for improvement that can directly improve conversion rates in the future.


Web Analytics Integration

Integrate customer feedback with web analytics data to understand the key actions that led customers to provide positive/negative feedback. Start to dig deeper and analyse trends as to how certain groups of website visitors are behaving on your website.

With such a wide range of benefits from user feedback on your website, integration options and a fully customisable platform, there is a wealth of information your business can gain from this. Get in touch to find out user feedback can be integrated on your website to help your business gain valuable insights and increase sales.