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Marketing Automation

Automate your email marketing activities based on website user behaviour

Marketing automation is designed to provide further information to your customers through email once they show certain behaviours on your website. This approach helps to nurture leads as they move throughout the purchasing process.

Marketing automation can be customised based on your website and your customers, below are a few examples to showcase how this can be used to increase sales.


Topic Specific Marketing Automation

The prime example of this is with Amazon. When to view a product on their website when you are signed in, within a couple of days you will notice an email in your inbox with a discount on the product you have been looking at. The reason this happens is because this approach works and can lead to a direct increase in sales that you may have missed out on.


Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails

Do you know how many customers abandon shopping carts without purchasing? Marketing automation can prompt website visitors to make the purchase they started to complete but didn’t. Sending customers an email reminding them about the products waiting in their shopping cart can directly increase the number of transactions for customers.


Upsell and Cross Sell

Once you understand what products your customers are interested in, you can set up automated emails to upsell and cross sell products to your customers. Automating this process means that you can continually increase sales from your current customers.G

Get in touch to find out how marketing automation can be used throughout your business to increase sales from your customers.