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Live Chat

Communicate easier and faster with customers in a way they want to converse

We work with industry leading live chat providers to enable you to talk with your customers easier and in a way that they want to communicate with your brand. Using a live chat service on your website allows you to support website visitors during the purchasing process to ensure they are purchasing the products and services that are most relevant for them.

Increase Conversion Rates

Are some of your website visitors leaving your website feeling disappointed and not purchasing? Prompt customers with a live chat option so they can speak with an expert within your business and have their questions answered. This has been proven to directly increase conversion rates on a website with case studies showing 20% increases.


Increase Average Order Values

Helping your customers throughout their website visit can lead to increases in average order values. As customers feel more valued and have their questions answered, instead of leaving the website without purchasing additional products, they will place additional items into their shopping basket and purchase. Case studies are available to show where companies have increased average order values by 35%.


Deeper Customer Relationship

Some of your customers will prefer to talk with you through a live chat facility on your website, especially for queries which should only take a matter of minutes to resolve or a quick question. Customers often don’t want the hassle of calling you, to then be placed in a queue and put on hold for 10 minutes. Providing customers with an additional means of contacting you can help develop a deeper relationship with that customer over a long period of time.


Live Chat Handling

If needed, we have the ability to handle the live chat facility on your behalf to reduce the time management at your end. For any complex queries we can feed this through to a relevant person at your business to follow up with as needed.

With both commercial and customer service benefits to using a live chat facility on your website, it’s clear that this can provide additional value to your business. Get in touch to find out live chat can be integrated on your website to help your business gain valuable insights and increase sales.