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Conversion Rate Optimisation

Turn more website visitors into paying customers through Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation, also known as A/B split testing, is the process of making your website more user friendly to encourage more website visitors to purchase your products. A difficult to use website or checkout process inevitably leads to customers leaving your website and going to an easier to use competitor website to purchase the product.

Split A/B testing is the process of splitting traffic to your website, showing each group different layouts and content on your website. Based on this, the two groups of customers can be analysed to understand which group found the website easier to use.

Our process

We work through a structured approach to test hypothesis and monitor results to identify what customers prefer on your website. Through this approach we can identify key improvements where sales can be increased by making the user interface easier to use for your customers.

  1. Identify goals: How are your current customers purchasing your product and services at the minute and what key areas are you looking to improve?
  2. Review competitors: To understand where opportunities lie it is important to review competitor websites to understand their process. Based on this, ideas to test can be included in the Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy.
  3. Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy: To optimise your website for conversions means you need a clear plan in place to work towards and test. It is important to test the key areas of your website first that have the potential to produce the largest returns.
  4. Testing: Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about testing theories and hypothesis to see how these changes perform and how your website visitors respond to these changes. The tests work by selecting a sample of your website visitors and showing them the altered version of the website to gather data to show which version customers prefer.
  5. Reporting: As statistically significant data is generated from the test, regular reporting on results and tests will be available which outlines what works along with further areas for testing.