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Continuous improvements to your website focusing on the customer

Connect with your customers further and find out what they really want. Data driven approaches and user driven approaches available to identify bottle necks for users and increase sales with continuous improvements.

Continuously improve your website with industry leading tools and techniques. Gain a deeper understanding of what your customers want and grow your business.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of testing hypothesis for website improvements in a logical and structured way. This is through a split testing process whereby one group of website users are shown different pages on your website than another group. Based on the data collected from this test it is possible to see which group of customers had a better user experience, had a higher conversion rate and purchased more.

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User Testing

User testing is a qualitative approach to getting feedback from your customers about your website. Find out what your customers and website users really think of your website while you record them performing activities on your website. User testing can be completed remotely or in a lab setting, depending on how detailed you would like the feedback.

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Marketing Automation

Take your email marketing campaigns to a whole new level through marketing automation. Use data and insights from customer behavior on your website to feed into your email campaigns automatically. Through the use of clever rules you can email relevant and targeted offers to your customers to increase sales. This leads to an additional revenue stream for your business to sell more products to customers who may not have purchased.

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User Feedback

Get instant feedback from your customers using your website with industry leading software. Identify bottlenecks your customers are facing throughout their visit to your website. Intelligently prompt website visitors if they appear to be struggling to find information on your website. Understand why customers are abandoning their shopping cart and feed this data into your website analytics package.

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Live Chat

Offer your customers an extra way of contacting you with a live chat facility on your website. Live chat can directly increase conversion rates on your website by helping customers along their journey. Communicating with your customers through live chat can also help to increase the average order value for customers who purchase.

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Customer Reviews

Whether you are selling products through your website or a service, customer reviews platforms are available to gather valuable feedback from your customers. With fully automated industry leading software we can help your business generate valuable customer reviews which help to increase future conversion rates, increase traffic from search engines and increase click through rates from search engines with star ratings showing next to your listings.

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