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Java Software Development & Web Application Development

Custom Built Software Development Projects Tailored to your Business Needs

Custom built software development solutions for your individual needs. Working with industry leading technologies, development methodologies and testing frameworks to ensure the highest levels of quality throughout.

Open source technologies are great, as are established ecommerce platforms such as WordPress and Magento which we love working with. There comes a time though when you want to create a bespoke website or web applications which is pushing the boundaries beyond traditional ecommerce or informational based websites where these systems start to struggle dealing with your needs. This is when a custom built web application is likely more suitable for your needs.

Java based software development projects require a significant investment, detailed planning and careful management to be delivered on time and to budget. Get in touch to discuss your individual business needs where we can talk you through the vast array of options available.



For larger software development projects we favour using Java as our core technology with specific web based technologies including Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs) with an underlying Model-View-Controller(MVC) framework. Utilising the latest Java 7 Enterprise Edition (Java EE 7) we are able to create simply awesome web based systems that can do anything you could ever imagine, and lots more that you probably aren’t even aware of.

With key functionality for user roles and restrictions, security, database management and more available we can piece together the key aspects required for your project. Whether you require a basic Apache Tomcat web server for simpler Java Servlet and JSP technologies, or something more suitable to Java EE such as the open source container Glassfish which is capable of using Enterprise Java Beans, Java Messaging Services and the full suite of APIs as part of Java EE.

Along with working with industry leading front end responsive web design frameworks such as Bootstrap, this allows us to create web applications that are functional across multiple devices from the start. Mobile first is an approach we take for all software development projects, as a system that is not accessible on mobile devices is a system that is virtually useless in the modern digital world we live in.


Development Methodologies

Utilising proven, scalable, maintainable and robust development methodologies is key to keeping projects on track and easy to maintain over time. Working with Java frameworks including Play, Grails, Spring, Struts 2 using an MVC approach allows software to be developed quickly while maintaining quality along with introducing testing frameworks such as jUnit. With so many options available, depending on the specific project will depend on the development methodologies used in practice.

The important point to note is that all our custom built Java software development projects are built to a very high standard based on years of experience working with a variety of technologies. You can be confident that you are going to be working with the leading technologies designed to be easily maintained and capable of scaling with your business.