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Our Values


We believe it is important for you to know what we stand for as a business. Usually you would find a lot of typical brand values listed here, but these are often just the same as everyone else’s about delivering ‘good results’ and being ‘customer focused’ and so on.

At Contrado Digital we have just the one word that we believe encapsulates everything we do and believe in;


Awesomeness runs throughout our business and we work with clients to help it run throughout theirs too.

Awesomeness for Your Business

You do want to be awesome, right? Good! To succeed online long term you have to simply be better than everyone else. We help you achieve this.

We have some great tools that allow us to see what competitors are doing, how your customers are behaving online and how you can take advantage of those.

To deliver long term results for your business, we create strategies that work towards making your business awesome.

Ever heard the term “Quick Wins, Long Loses”? Well that isn’t us. We want your business to succeed online long term.

Awesomeness for Us

To be able to help your business become awesome online we need to be leading by example. We are a company that is constantly challenging the assumptions made in the industry, we are continually improving everything about us from our internal process to how we communicate with clients.

We have found that be continuously improving everything we help deliver better results, faster. Our staff have a wealth of experience working with national and multi-national brands where we can share the results we have achieved and apply these in similar markets.

Want to see some awesome results and case studies, then keep an eye out on our blog.